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End-to-end self custody infrastructure for Web3

Seamlessly store, transfer, manage and transact with digital assets while in full control and without complexities.

Centralized exchanges? Paper wallets? Neither is secure enough for your digital assets.


Centralized exchanges hold your private key, so if they get hacked or go bankrupt: your hard-earned assets are gone😱.


Most wallets make managing your digital assets and private keys difficult; one mistake and all of your hard-earned assets disappear😢.

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Don't settle for just a wallet

Secure your digital assets without wondering if you’re doing it right. Hold your own keys and safely take self-custody in all the right ways.

  • No single point of failure,
    powered by MPC
  • Easily recover your wallet,
    no, paper backup
  • Shared accounts and
    inheritance planning the right way
Yuki wallet Core

Self-custody wallet as-a-Service

Build and run your crypto operations without taking asset custody risk or disrupting existing business flows. Add crypto payments and deploy wallets, all with a few lines of code.

  • Unlimited deposits and fast withdrawals via integrated on/off Ramp options.
  • Streamline compliance with out-of-the-box KYT & AML controls
  • Preview transactions before moving assets by verifying addresses, fees, and status
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Solutions that reduce the quantity of losses and thefts taking place, without requiring all users to turn wallet security into a full-time hobby, are highly valuable for the industry."

Vitalik Buterin
 Founder of the Ethereum Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yuki?

Yuki is the most simple and secure smart wallet for all things Crypto and Web3. It leverages MPC to make self-custody hassle-free. 

What's a self-custodial wallet?

Yuki's self-custodial wallet means:

  1.  Only you can access your assets (not Yuki or anyone else);
  2. Nobody can stop you from accessing them (not even Yuki).

By contrast, a custodial wallet is like a traditional bank that holds your assets and (in the worst case scenario) can lock you out anytime😱 or get FTX-EXED😭

How do I get started?

Yuki will be available to download now on iOS and Android. For free. Anywhere in the world on launch 

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Have more questions?

We got more answers! Head over to our FAQ page.

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