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Accelerating Web3 in Africa: Yuki Returns for Celo Camp Batch 8



Yuki, an African web3 infrastructure startup, is thrilled to announce their acceptance into Celo Camp Batch 8, partnering with Opera Mini to further develop their platform and enable the localization of crypto experiences for African consumers.

Yuki is excited to return to Celo Camp for Batch 8 after a successful participation in Batch 7 earlier this year. The experience was invaluable, as we received mentorship from industry leaders and collaborated with talented teams. We were honored to be awarded Best DeFi Startup in the batch, which further motivated us to continue our journey of innovation.

Now, just months later, we have impressed the Celo Foundation and Upright teams once again and earned a spot in Batch 8. This time, we are collaborating and building on Opera's Mini Pay wallet, a popular web browser for low-powered mobile devices. This partnership is crucial in our mission to develop our web3 infrastructure platform and middleware to enable the localization of crypto experiences specifically tailored to African consumers.

Africa is one of the ripest markets for real-world utility and adoption of blockchain applications, and at Yuki, we are committed to building the necessary rails for this growth. Returning to Celo Camp allows us to further refine our platform and strengthen our capabilities in serving the African business landscape.

Collaborating with Opera Mini for Web3 Innovation

Our collaboration with Opera Mini is a significant step towards driving web3 innovation in Africa. As a widely used web browser across the continent, Opera Mini provides critical infrastructure for low-powered mobile devices. By working together, we can leverage their reach and expertise to bring web3 experiences to a larger audience in Africa.

Opera Mini's deep understanding of the African market and our expertise in web3 infrastructure create a powerful synergy. Together, we aim to empower African businesses with the tools and capabilities to integrate crypto products seamlessly into their services. This collaboration will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and drive economic growth in the region.

Driving Real-World Utility and Adoption in Africa

One of our core beliefs at Yuki is that Africa has immense potential for real-world utility and adoption of blockchain applications. Through our participation in Celo Camp Batch 8 and collaboration with Opera Mini, we aim to turn this belief into reality.

By developing localized crypto experiences catered to African consumers, we can bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the world of cryptocurrencies. This will enable individuals and businesses to leverage blockchain technology for everyday transactions, remittances, and financial services. Our goal is to drive widespread adoption and unlock the full potential of blockchain in Africa.

Marching Towards Becoming the "Stripe of Crypto" in Africa

With the support of Celo Camp and the collaboration with Opera Mini, we are confident in our journey towards becoming the "Stripe of Crypto" in Africa. Stripe revolutionized online payments, making it simple and accessible for businesses worldwide. Similarly, we aim to simplify crypto integration and make it mainstream across the African business landscape.

Our talented team and the strong support from the community give us the confidence to march steadily towards our goal. With the learnings and connections from Celo Camp Batch 8, we are poised for incredible growth. Exciting times are ahead as we work towards building a thriving web3 ecosystem in Africa.