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Introducing Yuki wallet: Seedless, Secure, and Better.

When they say not your key, not your coins, it's not a buzz term. Celsius users are now left out to dry and living the reality, crypto, let's admit it, is still clunky.

We founded Yuki to radically simplify how individuals and teams take self-custody, buy, manage and transfer digital assets without hassles. 

We are starting by tackling the problems of holding Bitcoin. One problem is particularly significant: the fact you have to risk everything on a piece of paper with 24 words on it — your seed phrase.

Seed phrases are an anachronism. Writing them out simply doesn’t make sense for what’s supposed to be the next era of a digital economy. We’ve been telling people for years to stop writing their passwords on post-it notes and spreadsheets. Web3 shouldn’t be any different.

Though there is an alternative — giving up your assets to a centralized platform— this defeats the point of the decentralized web. Fortunately, we are building a better way : a seedless self-custodial wallets that have the ease of use and security of the best new bank apps. No seed phrase. No problems.

The solution: A new type of wallet

We are building a self-custody wallet that is different in all the right ways:

  1. Simple setup, no 12 word phrase to write down on a paper.
  2. Guaranteed wallet Recovery, as simple as calling your bank for a new card.
  3. Super simple UX, transact like Cashapp.
  4. Uncomplicated account management .

It turns out this is possible, with a wallet built on MPC.

Seedless wallet setup. 

Getting started with Yuki is simple, just an email, username, no 12-word phrase to write down on a piece of paper and enter it back again to confirm wallet backup setup. Seedless is better and hassle-free.

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Guaranteed wallet Recovery

The recovery process uses encryption and cloud storage to ensure that your private keys are protected. Plus 48-hour recovery window, an additional security layer that gives you time to cancel a recovery, if a bad actor tries to access your account.

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Super simple UX, transact like CashApp.

We partnered with on and off-ramp providers to provide users alternatives to buy crypto (Debit card, Bank, and transfer P2P with low fees.) Users pick a Yuki username on account setup, e.g., to remove the complexity of traditional crypto addresses.

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Uncomplicated account management

Lastly, users can manage recovery kit, add more backup options and perform a health test to ensure their backup key is tightly secured on their cloud storage. We will introduce Yuki plus with premium client services like inheritance planning, lower fees, and more security features.

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We’re building the gateway to the decentralized web — so everyone can prosper from their digital assets in all the right ways. We’ll share more information soon, in the meantime, Join our waitlist $5 awaits. You can also follow us on Twitter or join our Discord or Telegram community.