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Frequently asked questions

What is Yuki?

Yuki is the most simple and secure smart wallet for all things Crypto and Web3. It leverages MPC to make self-custody hassle-free. It’s built on a programmable and trustless layer-one scaling solution to give you access to all of Web3.

How do I get started?

Yuki will be available to download now on iOS and Android. For free. Anywhere in the world on launch 

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What can I do with Yuki?

Buy, Manage, Transfer and Save; Trade, Earn Interest, and enjoy managed crypto portfolios powered by plus intelligent trade signals in just a few taps and more.

Take trustless control of your assets, identity, and future for a lifetime and beyond.

How is Yuki different from other wallets?

Yuki is the first smart self-custody wallet with no seed phrase complexity that is different in all the right ways.

Yuki has many great features to help you succeed in all the right ways.

  1. Inheritance planning - Protect your loved ones and ensure they'll receive your bitcoin as part of your last will and testament.
  2. Capitalize - Manage your digital assets with actionable intelligence by identifying both global and asset-specific trends and be the first to capitalize on them.
  3. First Mover - Trade even when markets are volatile with consistently tight spreads, and deeper liquidity across 80+ top markets in just a swap.
  4. Managed portfolios - Get a personalized crypto investing plan and human professionals to help manage your money for you, powered by
  5. Also, enjoy peace of mind through easy account recovery without a paper backup. Only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else. 
  6. And your Yuki account offers you simple access to all of web3 at a fraction of the cost from NFTs on OpenSea, trading on Uniswap, earning yield through Lido, and gaming in The Sandbox, securely connecting you to the world of Dapps (decentralized apps) as simple as WhatsApp. 
How does Yuki work?

Yuki is built on a programmable and trustless layer-one scaling solution to give you access to all of Web3. Your assets are stored on the blockchain, and you control them through your Yuki app. We can't access your assets. Or even stop you from accessing them yourself. You're in control, always. It's called TRUSTLESS ACCESS.

You can read more on our blog. For fuller technical details, our technical and architecture specifications will be open source after the product launch.

What's a self-custodial wallet?

Yuki's self-custodial wallet means:

  1.  Only you can access your assets (not Yuki or anyone else);
  2. Nobody can stop you from accessing them (not even Yuki).
By contrast, a custodial wallet is like a traditional bank that holds your assets and (in the worst case scenario) can lock you out anytime😱 or get FTX-EXED😭
What cryptocurrencies will you support?

We're focused on Bitcoin for our beta launch, but you will be able to access over 240 different crypto assets over time and store NFTs across 10 different chains.

This includes tokens such as ETH, AVAX, DOT, BNB, Matic, and Solana.

Who built Yuki?

ComiBlock, we're headquartered in Delaware, but we work remotely across the world. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in best-in-class mobile apps and traditional finance. Curious about how we work?

How do I contact the team?

We'd love to hear from you. Question about your app? Email Other questions about Yuki? You'll find us on Twitter and in our Discord. For more business inquiries, use the contact form below.

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