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Yuki Wins Celo Camp Innovation Awards

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We are thrilled to announce that Yuki has won the DeFi Award Startup at the Celo Camp Innovation Awards! This award recognizes Yuki's innovative approach to DeFi and our commitment to building a more accessible and user-friendly financial system.

First, at Yuki, we have a clear focus on the serious and unresolved risks that hinder the wider adoption of digital assets. The term "crypto UX" is often used, but it doesn't accurately describe these challenges:

  1. Today's wallets face barriers in establishing trusted payment methods, enabling robust compliance, and delivering a secure non-custodial experience. While the opportunities for crypto are huge, these barriers weaken the possibilities and narrow viable use cases.

  2. Another cultural perspective is that today's wallets are not really designed for payments. The full potential of digital assets in Africa for payments can only be unlocked when inherent custody risks are brought under control. Regulatory complexities also need to be addressed.

Yuki is not a payment product, but rather a composable and foundational wallet/custody layer for businesses that want to build Web3 platforms. We are mainly focused on optimizing direct and better custody, leveraging MPC and Web3 primitives to make wallets smarter.

We are grateful to the Celo and the Upright team for recognizing Yuki's work. This award is a validates to our unsolved risk thesis and dedication of our team. We are committed to continuing to build innovative products that make digital assets wallets and core infrastructure more accessible to developers and businesses across Africa.

if you want to level up your Web3 project or step into digital assets, we'd love to chat!!!